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This site is dedicated to wearable things relating to cows. Why you may ask (and rightly so), well the fact of the matter is that I have had this domain kicking around for a few years now and I really needed to do something with it. Secondly, I really like cows! They are such an important creature to man kind. We use them to make leather products, they provide us with nourishment and many around the world depend on them to make a living through farming. Simply put cows are great and should be celebrated! 

So what is this cow clothing website all about?

My first ever job was on a dairy farm. Every morning (7days a week) I would wake up around 4am eat a hearty breakfast then head out to the pastures to round up the cows the morning milking. Cows are rather docile creatures and tend to be creatures of habit so there is not much to rounding them up into the milking shed. We had about 600 cows and the milking process usually took till mid day. The worn wasnt all that hard, nut I tell you what, a dairy farmer gets super dirty!
Back then I dreamed out a job where I my clothing didnt smell like poop and where I didnt need to constantly wash my clothes. So in a way this site is a celebration to that, clean clothing and a celebration to the cow!

Search these pages to find cool cow prints and stuff. Check out cow socks and slippers, cow shirts or maybe some cow jewelry to show off your appreciation of the humble cow.

Cow Clothing

"Celebrate the Cow, be the Cow!"

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